Certificate of Final Approval is the document which certifies that a building was completed according to the approved Drawings and Plans. Competed Authorities can issue three kinds of Final Approval Certificates for buildings:

  1. Certificate of Final Approval (without notes)
  2. Certificate with notes
  3. Certificate of unauthorized work

The first one is so to speak the “official” Certificate, as it certifies that everything was done according to the approved Drawings and there is nothing irregular.

The second Certificate indicates that the basic provisions of the Regional Development Plan are met, with some minor irregularities, such as an unauthorized covered parking lot. Although the building is considered approved, the Competed Authority urges that any irregularities must be amended within a specified period, otherwise the Authority will proceed with legal action.

The latter Certificate is for more serious cases, such as the building’s intervention in public space, or the excess of the Floor Area Ratio. In this case you are deprived of the right to register a mortgage or transfer your property. Only transfer to close relatives is excluded.

The Certificate of Final Approval is required for registering the building on the Title Deed. Any notes mentioned on the Certificate are also listed on the updated Title Deed.



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